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PNNS Presentations 2017-2018
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Therapy With Children With Neurodevelopmental Difficulties and Their Families

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  • Audrey Don, PhD
    Private Practice
    Tacoma, WA 

Brain-Computer and Brain-Music Interfaces: Biofeedback and Rehabilitative Potential

Virginia Mason Medical Center

Thomas Deuel, MD, PhD
Staff Neurologist, Swedish Medical Center
Acting Asst Prof, Center for Digital Arts & Experimental Media
University of Washington 
Seattle, WA


Depression in Traumatic Brain Injury

Virginia Mason Medical Center

Charles Bombardier, PhD
University of WA, 
Dept of Rehab Medicine
Seattle, WA


Methods of Inference and Advances in Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment

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Feedback That Sticks: The Art of Communicating Neuropsychology with Patients, Colleagues and the Courts

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UW Faculty Club


David Schretlen, PhD, ABPP
Professor of Psychiatry and Radiology,
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD

Karen Postal, PhD, ABPP
Clinical Instructor, Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA
President, American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology


Somatoform and Functional Disorders--Conceptual Insights to Support Identification and Management

Seattle Children's Hospital

Elizabeth Ziegler, PhD
Independent Practice,
Spokane, WA