• President: David Breiger, PhD
  • Vice President: Brad Powell, PhD
  • Past President: James McKeever, PhD
  • Treasurer: Molly Warner, PhD
  • Secretary: Majid Azzedine, PhD
  • Associate Member Representative: Brian Bournival
  • Executive Administrative Officer: Jerry LeJeune, PhD

9/13/99 “Developmental Pediatrics: Relationship to Neuropsychology” Tom Clingan, MD.

10/11/99 “Blues and the Brain: Functional Neuroimaging of Brain Systems in Depression” Roderick K. Mahurin, PhD.

11/8/99 “The Language of Literacy: Treatment Prospectives” Daellene King, MS CCC-SLP.

12/13/99 “Sports Related Head Injuries” David Coppel, PhD.

1/10/00 “Psychotic Disorders in Children” Jack McCellan, MD and Chris McCurry, PhD.

2/14/00 “Back to the Future: Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychiatry” Gary Tucker, MD.

3/13/00 “Neuropsychology of Autism” Geraldine Dawson, PhD.

4/10/00 “Ethical issues in Clinical Neuropsychology Practice” Andy Benjamin, PhD JD.

5/20/00 Annual Conference:

“Neuropsychological Nasties: Some New and Some Recycled Problems” Kenneth Adams, PhD ABPP.

6/12/00 “Technology and Neuropsychology” Steve Sulzbacher, PhD.


  • President: James McKeever, PhD
  • Vice-President: David Breiger, PhD
  • Past President: Larry Majovski, PhD ABPP
  • Treasurer: Molly Warner, PhD
  • Secretary: Betty Jones, PhD
  • Associate Member Representative: Brian Bornival
  • Executive Administrative Officer: Jerry LeJeune, PhD

9/14/98 “Outcome in Traumatic Brain Injury: Update and Major Issues” Sureyya Dikmen, PhD.

10/12/98 “Ethical and Legal Issues Relevant to Neuropsychology: Views from Olympia” John Ernst, PhD, ABPP, Margeret Gilbert, JD, and Janice Boden.

11/9/98 “Early Psycho-pharmacological Treatment and the Effect on Adult Functioning” Robert Reichler, MD.

12/12/98 Annual Conference: (Chaired by James McKeever, PhD)

“The Relevance of Childhood to Adult Neuropsychology” Paul Eslinger, PhD.

“Outcome of Childhood Brain Impairment: Transition to Adulthood” W. Marlowe, PhD ABPP.

Lloyd Cripe, PhD ABPP provided a tribute to Jim Maxwell, PhD.

1/11/99 “An Inordinate Fondness for Confusion: The Consultant, Delirium, and the Clock” Peter Manos, MD.

2/8/99 “Pediatric/Child Neurosurgery: Applications for Clinical Neuropsychologists” William Morris, MD.

3/8/99 “The Nature of Feedback to Clients and Referral Sources” Alan Breen, PhD.

4/12/99 “Brain Surgery Made Ridiculously Simple-Don’t Try it at Home” Richard Ellenbogen, MD.

5/10/99 “Assessing Long Term Cognitive Effects of Early Treatment with Phenobarbital and of Chronic Metabolic Diseases” Steve Sulzbacher, PhD.

6/14/99 “Neuropsychology Journal Article Discussion” David Brieger, PhD and James McKeever, PhD.


  • President: Larry Majovski, PhD ABPP
  • Vice-President: James McKeever, PhD
  • Past President: Ray Parker, PhD ABPP
  • Treasurer: Molly Warner, PhD
  • Secretary: Betty Jones, PhD
  • Associate Member Representative: Dave Clemmons, PhD
  • Executive Administrative Officer: Jerry LeJeune, PhD

9/8/97 “Neuro-Interventional Techniques / Gamma Knife Advances in Pain and Movement Disorders: Current Update and Implications for Neuropsychologists” Ronald Young, MD.

10/13/97 “Neuropsychopharmacology Update 1997: Practical Implications for Clinical Neuropsychlologists”Nicholoas Ward, MD.

11/10/97 “Journal Club Colloquium” Lloyd Cripe, PhD ABPP and Carl Dodrill, PhD ABPP.

12/13/97 Annual Conference: (Chaired by Larry Majovski, PhD ABPP)

“Best of the Northwest: Major Contributions to the Field of Clinical Neuropsychology” Lloyd Cripe, PhD ABPP.

“What I Have Learned Thus Far: Lessons from a Quarter Century of Neuropsychology in the Pacific Northwest” Carl Dodrill, PhD ABPP.

“The Neuropsychology of Aging and Dementia in the Very Elderly: Findings from the Oregon Brain Aging Study” Diane Howieson, PhD ABPP.

“A Critical Look at the Neuropsychology of Learning Disabilities and Their Adult Outcome” Otfried Spreen, PhD ABPP.

1/12/98 Cancelled due to weather.

2/9/98 “Toxic Exposure: Implications for Neuropsychologists” Patricia Sparks, MD.

3/9/98 “The Unfolding fo the Central Nervous System” Ellsworth Alvord, MD.

4/13/98 “Americans with Disabilities Act: Clinical Implications for Neuropsychologists” Denise Colley.

5/11/98 “Skepticism and Wonder: Observations of the Behavioral Kind-Peeling Back Another 5% of the Variance” Jeffrey Powell, PhD ABPP.

6/8/98 “The State of the Art or the Art of the State of Assessing Learning and Memory in Children” David Breiger, PhD.


  • President: Ray Parker, PhD ABPP
  • Vice President: Larry Majovski, PhD ABPP
  • Past President: Ken Zych, PhD ABPP
  • Treasurer: Molly Warner, PhD
  • Secretary: Betty Jones, PhD
  • Executive Administrative Officer: Jerry LeJeune, PhD

9/9/96 “Epilepsy: Clinical Manifestations and Overview” George Wambaugh, MD.

10/14/96 “Functional Approaches to Assessment and Remediation of Cognitive Deficits in Major Psychiatric Disorders” Richard Erickson, PhD.

11/11/96 “Ethical Issues in the Practice of Neuropsychology” Joseph Barber, PhD ABPH.

12/14/96 Annual Conference:

“Judging Motivation and Effort in Neuropsychological Assessment: Beyond Single Tests” Ralph Reitan, PhD.

“Opportunities for Evaluation of Effort and Motivation Presented By the Process of Assessment Itself With the Halstead-Reitan Battery” Ray Parker, PhD ABPP.

“Brief Review of Tests and Procedures in the Halstead-Reitan Battery” Ray Parker, PhD ABPP.

“Derivation and Computation of Consistency Indices and Dissimulation Index” Ray Parker, PhD ABPP.

“Application of Consistency Indices and Dissimulation Index to Additional Clinical Cases” Ralph Reitan, PhD and Ray Parker, PhD ABPP. Followed by Discussion and Questions.

1/13/97 “Adults and Children with Attention Deficit Disorders” Larry Majovski, PhD ABPP and James McKeever, PhD.

2/10/97 “The Neuropsychology of Bipolar and Major Affective Disorders” Dennis Kelly, PhD.

3/10/97 “Misperceptions/Mistaken Ideas: Myths in Neuropsychology” Carl Dodrill, PhD ABPP.

4/14/97 “Clinical Neuropsychology in Four Nations: Ecologies of Brain Illness and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation” Tedd Judd, PhD ABPP.

5/12/97 “Atypical Neuropsychological Patterns of Onset in Alzheimer’s” Mary Pepping, PhD.

6/9/97 “Childhood Autism” Alan Unis, MD.


  • President: Ken Zyck, PhD ABPP
  • Vice-President: Ray Parker, PhD ABPP
  • Past President: Jeffrey Powel, PhD ABPP
  • Treasurer: Molly Warner, PhD
  • Secretary: James McKeever, PhD
  • Executive Administrative Officer: Jerry LeJeune, PhD

9/11/95 “Neuropsychology From the Patient’s Point of View” Mary Lowe.

10/9/95 “EEG and Biofeedback” Norman Gustavson, PhD.

11/13/95 “Aging and Dementia” Richard Erickson, PhD.

12/9/95 Annual Conference:

“Neuropsychology of Everyday Life: Assessment and Basic Competencies” (Chaired by Kenneth Zych, PhD, ABPP).

“Ecological Validity of Testing of Cognitive and Affective Functioning in the Elderly” Linas Bieliauskas, PhD ABPP.

“The Ecological Validity of Executive Function Testing” Lloyd Cripe, PhD ABPP.

“Evaluating Job Performance: Kids at Work” Wendy Marlowe, PhD ABPP.

“Coloring Outside the Lines…AKA…So We Think We Know Neuropsychology” Kenneth Zych, PhD, ABPP.

1/8/96 “Guidelines for Providing Psychological Services” Jim McKeever, PhD and Jeff Powel, PhD, ABPP.

2/12/96 “Neuropsychology and Severe Mental Illness” Dennis Kelly, PhD.

3/11/96 “Providing Brain Injury Rehabilitation Services in a Changing Health Care Climate” Laura White, PhD.

4/8/96 “Case Presentations”

5/13/96 “Vision and Learning: Diagnosis and Treatment of Learning Related Visual Dysfunctions” Douglas Jeske, MD.

6/10/96 “Work Site Evaluation of Job Performance of the Neurologically Impaired” Ginger Hurt, MA, CRC and Patricia Youngman, MA CRC.


  • President: Jeff Powel, PhD ABPP
  • Vice President: Ken Zyck, PhD ABPP
  • Past President: Molly Warner, PhD
  • Treasurer: Molly Warner, PhD
  • Secretary: Jim McKeever, PhD
  • Program Chair: Jeff Powel, PhD ABPP
  • Executive Administrative Officer: Jerry LeJeune, PhD

9/12/94 “Psychopharmacology and Clinical Neuropsychology in Adults” David Wynn, MD., “New Pediatric Psychopharmacology: Specificity of Drug Action and Neuropsychological Function” Robert Reichler, MD.

10/10/94 “Motivation and Secondary Gain” Jeffrey Powel, PhD ABPP., “Secondary Gain:Yours or Mine” Nels Maggelsen, PsyD., and “Malingering: A Conceptual Muddle” Richard Erickson, PhD.

11/14/94 “Neuropsychological and Psychosocial Outcome in Head Injury” Sureyya Dikmen, PhD.

12/10/94 Annual Conference:

“Clinical Judgment: An Examination of Beliefs, Influence and Inference in Clinical Neuropsychology”(Chaired by Jeff Powel, PhD ABPP).

“Clinical Assessment and Decision Making: Comments and Suggestions” David Faust, PhD.

“Bias and Beliefs: Some Comments” Jeffrey Powel, PhD ABPP.

“Evaluating the Accuracy of Patient Self-reports of Mental Abilities: The Case of Memory” Carl Dodrill, PhD ABPP.

“Inferences, Influences, and Biases in Child Neuropsychological Assessment: Methodological and Epistomological Considerations” Larry Majovski, PhD ABPP.

“Mars and Mild head Injury: Lessons From Science Past” Lloyd Cripe, PhD ABPP.

1/9/95 “Ethics: Review of Professional Roles and Potential Conflicts and Associated Issues” Wendy Marlowe, PhD ABPP.

2/13/95 “Patterns of Neuropsychological Performance and SPECT in the Evaluation of Dementia” Mary Pepping, PhD.

3/13/95 “Bad Brains, Bad Guys” Fred Wise, PhD.

4/10/95 “Neuropsychological Evaluations for the Elderly: Assessment Issues and Recommendations” Paul Johnson, PhD., “The So What of Geriatric Neuropsychology: Resources in the Community” Mary Liz Chafee, RN.

5/8/95 “Neurobiology and Neuropsychology of Abused Substances: Implications for Neuropsychological Assessment” Stephen Glass, MD.

6/12/95 Roundtable discussion of articles moderated by Jeff Powel, PhD ABPP.


  • President: Molly Warner, PhD
  • Vice President: Jeffrey Powel, PhD ABPP
  • Past President: Carl Dodrill, PhD ABPP
  • Treasurer: Dennis Kelly, PhD
  • Secretary: Jim McKeever, PhD
  • Executive Administrative Officer: Jerry LeJeune, PhD

9/13/93 “Vocational Intervention with People with Brain Impairment” David Clemmons, PhD.

10/11/93 “Meningomyelocele and Hydrocephalus” Hillary Shurtleff, PhD.

11/8/93 “Ethics: Practice and Issues Currently Facing Neuropsychology” Larry Majovski, PhD ABPP.

12/11/93 Annual Conference: (Chaired by Molly Warner, PhD with Tom Green, PhD and Ellen Lehr, PhD as moderators): The Neuropsychology of Memory: Anatomy, Assessment, and Treatment.

“Structure and Organization of Memory” Larry Squire, PhD ABPP.

“Development and Rationale of the Learning and Memory Battery” James Schmidt, PhD.

“Neuropsychological Evaluation of the Older Adult: A Focus on Memory” Karen Sanders, PhD.

“Memory Assessment in Children: Critical Evaluation of the Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning” David Breiger, PhD.

“Intra-Operative Assessment of Cortical Mechanisms for Memory Functioning” George Ojemann, MD.

“Memory Dysfunction as Pain Behavior: Knee Deep in the Collective Symptom Pool” Jeffrey Powel, PhD ABPP.

“Treatment of Acquired Memory Disorders” Sarah Raskind, PhD. Panel Discussion chaired by Larry Squire, PhD ABPP.

1/10/94 “Some Aspects of Neuroanatomy and Neuropathology Related to Neuropsychology” Ellsworth Alvord, MD.

2/14/94 “Brain Morphological Differences in Developmental Disorders” Margaret Simrud-Clikeman, PhD., “Electrical Evidence of CNS Dysfunction in Children with Learning Disorders” Audrey Mattson, PhD.

3/14/94 “Assessment of Gifted Children” Linda Weimer, PhD., “Assessment of Severely Impaired Children”Betty Jones, PhD.

4/11/94 “Current Issues in Neuropsychology” Coordinated by Molly Warner, PhD.

5/9/94 “Neurobiology and Neuropsychology of Abused Substances: Implications for Neuropsychological Assessment” Tony Strickland, PhD ABPN.

6/13/94 “Neuro-Opthamology: It’s Use and Abuse in Psychological Assessment” Craig Smith, MD., “Vision Therapy: Fact and Fiction” Karen Preston, OD.


  • President: Carl Dodrill, PhD ABPP
  • Vice-President: Molly Warner, PhD
  • Past President: Lloyd Cripe, PhD ABPP
  • Treasurer: Dennis Kelly, PhD
  • Secretary: Jim McKeever, PhD
  • Program Chair: Jeff Powel, PhD ABPP
  • Executive Administrative Officer: Jerry LeJeune, PhD

9/14/92 “Norms for Neuropsycholgical Assessment: An Update” Carl Dodrill, PhD ABPP., “Developmental Context and Normality” Jim McKeever, PhD.

1012/92 “Assessing the Non-English Speaking Client” Tedd Judd, PhD ABPP.

11/9/92 “Cultural Influences in Clinical Neuropsycholgical Assessment” Wendy Marlowe, PhD ABPP.

12/5/92 Annual Conference: (Chaired by Carl Dodrill, PhD ABPP and Jeffrey Powel, PhD ABPP): Northwest Neuropsychology Now:

“Professional and Ethical Issues in the Legal Arena” Hans Doerr, PhD.

“Contemporary Neuropsychology: Myths, Magic, and Myopia” Carl Dodrill, PhD ABPP. (Chaired by Wendy Marlowe, PhD ABPP).

“Producing Meaningful Neuropsychological Reports: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” Kenneth Zych, PhD ABPP.

“Strategies for the Assessment of Alleged Deficits” Loren Pankratz, PhD.

“Assessment of the Validity of Neuropsycholgical Performance” Larry Binder, PhD ABPP. (Chaired by Molly Warner, PhD).

“Post-Doctoral Training in Clinical Neuropsychology” Diane Howieson, PhD ABPP.

“Board Certification in Neuropsychology: Current Procedures and Objectives” Lloyd Cripe PhD ABPP. (Chaired by Brenda Townes, PhD ABPP).

“Cognitive Rehabilitation: Fact or Fiction?” Catherine Mateer, PhD ABPP.

“Cognitive Rehabilitation and the Spotted Owl: Dissociative Thoughts on Rehabilitation Resource Management” David Fordyce, PhD (Chaired by Judy Skenazy, PhD).

“Employment Following Traumatic head Injury” Sureyya Dikmen, PhD.

“Patterns of Neuropsychological Assessment and SPECT in the Evaluation of Memory Disorders”Mary Pepping, PhD.

“Cognitive Risk Factors in Neuropsychological Performance in Early HIV Infection” Keith Claypoole, PhD (C by Frank Spellacy, PhD ABPP).

1/11/93 “New Tests in Clinical Practice: A Review” Molly Warner, PhD.

2/8/93 “Forensics: Describing Brain Injury to a Jury” Richard Adler, JD., “Forensics: An Injury in Context”Donald Murray, JD (moderated by Jeff Powel, PhD ABPP).

3/8/93 “Cognitive Rehabilitation in a Post-Acute, Interdisciplinary Setting” Judith Skenazy, PhD., “Psychosocial Consequences of Significant Brain Injury” Mary Pepping, PhD.

4/12/93 “Ethical Dilemmas in Clinical Neuropsychology” Diane Howieson, PhD ABPP.

5/10/93 “Behavioral Neurology and the Dementias: Cortical vs. Subcortical” Frederick Flynn, MD.

6/14/93 “Neuropsychology Readings” Coordinated by Carl Dodrill, PhD ABPP.


  • President: Lloyd Cripe, PhD ABPP
  • Vice-President: Carl Dodrill, PhD ABPP
  • Past President: Wendy Marlowe, PhD ABPP
  • Treasurer: Catherine Mateer, PhD ABPP
  • Secretary: Ray Parker, PhD ABPP
  • Executive Administrative Officer: Jerry LeJeune, PhD

9/9/91 “How Chronic Pain, Depression, Stress Disorders, and Peripheral Sensory/Motor Deficits May Influence Neuropsychological Test Performance and Interfere with a Clear Understanding of the Effects Of Neuropathology on Behavior” (Case and Literature Discussion).

10/14/91 “The Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Some Paradoxes for Exploration” Ann Streisguth,PhD.

11/11/91 “Discussion of the Effects of Motivation on Neuropsychological Test Performances” Discussion facilitated by Lloyd Cripe, PhD ABPP.

12/7/91 Annual Conference: (Chaired by Jeffrey Powel, PhD ABPP): Problems and Possibilities in Clinical Neuropsychology.

“Presidential Address: What’s Wrong with Clinical Neuropsychology?” Lloyd Cripe, PhD ABPP.

“Limits of Neuropsychology” Michael Shore, PhD.

“Developing Issues in Child Neuropsychology” Wendy Marlowe, PhD ABPP.

“Current Trends and Projections for the Future in Neuropsychology” Louis Costa, PhD ABPP (followed by moderated discussion by all presenters).

1/13/92 Discussion of PNNS procedures facilitated by Jeffrey Powel, PhD ABPP.

2/10/92 “The Interpersonal and Psychodynamics of Neuropsychological Assessment: What Really Goes on During Testing?” Nels Magelssen, PsyD (Jerry LeJeune discussed the INS Meeting).

3/9/92 “Resistance and Transference in the Test Situation” Nels Magelssen, PsyD.

4/13/92 “Interesting Neuropsych Articles and How to Keep Up with the Literature” Lloyd Cripe, PhD ABPP also presented on resources helpful in staying current with the neuropsychological literature.

5/11/92 “Use of the Standard and Superselective Intercarotid Amytal Procedures for the Evaluation of Speech and Memory” Carl Dodrill, PhD ABPP and Molly Warner, PhD.

6/8/92 “A Discussion of Professional Issues in Neuropsychology: The Future of Clinical Practice, Third Party Reimbursement for Services, etc.” Discussion.


  • President: Wendy Marlowe, PhD ABPP
  • Vice President: Lloyd Cripe, PhD ABPP
  • Past President: Catherine Mateer, PhD ABPP
  • Treasurer: Ken Zych, PhD ABPP
  • Secretary: Ray Parker, PhD ABPP
  • Executive Administrative Officer: Jerry LeJeune, PhD

9/10/90 “Early Neuropsychological Manifestations of HIV Seropositivity” Keith Claypool, PhD.

10/8/90 “Psychological Assessment Versus Psychological Testing” Discussion of the article by Joeseph Matarazzo in the American Psychologist, (1990), Vol. 45, 999-1017. Discussion facilitated by Jerry LeJeune, PhD.

11/12/90 Case presentation by Wendy Marlowe, PhD ABPP involving longitudinal neuropsychological test scores on a child injured by a lawn dart.

12/1/90 Annual Conference: Memory Disorders: Theory, Assessment, and Treatment (Chaired by Jeffrey Powel, PhD ABPP).

“Memory Disorders Associated with Amnesia and Dementia” Nelson Butters, PhD ABPP.

“Symptom Elaboration of Memory Disorders” Wendy Marlowe, PhD ABPP.

“What do Memory Tests Measure” James Maxwell, PhD.

“Self Reported Memory in Post Concussion Patients: An Issue of Suffering” Jay Uomoto, PhD.

“Clinical Issues: When is a Memory Complaint Not a Memory Disorder” Moderated discussion by Nelson Butters, PhD ABPP, Wendy Marlowe, PhD ABPP, James Maxwell, PhD, and Jay Uomoto, PhD.

“Pharmacologic Treatment of Memory Complaints After a Head Injury” Alvin McLean, PhD.

“Prospective Memory: Assessment and Treatment” McKay Moore Sohlberg, PhD and Catherine Mateer, PhD ABPP.

“A Novel Brief Screening Battery for Detecting Neuropsychological Impairments in Young Alcohol Abusers” E. Thatcher Beaty, PhD.

“An Investigation of the Relationship Between Self-report of Memory Functioning and Memory Test Performance” Kenneth Zych, PhD ABPP.

“Patient Inconsistency in the Report of Changes in Memory” Carl Dodrill, PhD ABPP and Lawrence Batzel, MSW.

“Episodic and Selective Memory Impairments with Normal Memory Test Results: Selected Cases”Tedd Judd, PhD ABPP.

“How Do You Know You Can’t Remember?: Discrepancies Between Memory Complaints and Test Performance” Moderated discussion by E. Thatcher Beaty, PhD, Nelson Butters, PhD ABPP, Carl Dodrill, PhD ABPP, Tedd Judd, PhD ABPP, Kenneth Zych, PhD ABPP.

Closing Remarks by Nelson Butters, PhD ABPP.

1/14/91 “Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning” Molly Warner, PhD and Ken Zych PhD ABPP.

2/11/91 “Towards an International Neuropsychology: A Public Health Perspective” Tedd Judd, PhD ABPP with Linda Rosenstock, MD as discussant.

3/11/91 “Should any Psychologist be Able to Call Themselves a Neuropsychologist or State that They do Neuropsychological Testing Prior to ABCN/ABPP Board Certification” Steve Morton, PhD.

4/8/91 “Neuropsychology: The Consumer’s Perspective” Bill Nodell and Deron Wallace.

5/13/91 “Left Hand Apraxia and Disconnection Syndromes in a Patient with an Unknown Right Hemisphere Lesion: A Case” James Maxwell, PhD.

6/10/91 “The Determination of Etiology and Causation from Neuropsycholgical Tests” Loyd Cripe PhD ABPP and Jeff Powel, PhD ABPP.

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